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The new Toshiba VF-S15, standard purpose drive, is designed for controlling wide range of variable torque and constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, lifts, conveyors, machine tool, food processor and mixers as well as for process control in various types of industries. Also, PM motor drive for energy saving and a wide variety of communication options are available for all needs.

  • Single-phase, 200V class 0.37 KW to 2.2kW
  • Three-phase, 400V class 0.37 KW to 15 kW


The wide range of functions of the VF-nC3 meets various users’ needs from simple speed control to steady torque at low speed.

  • Three-phase, 400V class 0.37KW to 11 kW


Toshiba Tosvert VFAS3 High Performance Ac Drive is One Step Solution to all Industrial Applications.

Designed to Work in Almost all Industrial Applications.

Major Applications Covered: Oil & Gas Industry, Cranes,- Conveyors, Material Handling, Textiles , Pharmaceutical etc

Key Feature:
  • Built-In Dual Ethernet Port
  • Remote Sensor Monitoring
  • Connection with various devices with Local Area Network, Wireless Network and Internet
  • Trip History Viewer